The Reliable Spring & Manufacturing Co. Ltd

We have a full range of modern Computer Controlled Spring and Wire Shape machines, Spring End Grinding machines and Load Testing equipment. Investing in these, combined with our Computersied Production Control Database and large range of Micro-Processor Controlled and Automatic machinery, allows us to respond quickly and compete across a huge capacity range (Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Wire Shapes, Clips and flat Work), in all types of materials.

Any Volume or Material

We are able to produce any batch size from most Spring Quality materials, whether your requirement is a one-off or many millions. Our "Specials Section" and large range of stock materials allow us to help out in an emergency, enabling our customers to be up and running again within hours.

Manufacturing Capacity

Coil Springs....Wire sizes from 0.25mm to 19mm Compression, Tension, Torsion, Springs & Wire forms. Most spring end forms & conditions accomodated. Development & Design from drawings and samples.

Flat Springs....Strip thickness up to 3mm undertaken. Tooling manufactured in-house.

Material Types....Carbon spring steel, Stainless, Alloy Steels, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Berylium Copper ...many others.

Finishes....Zinc & Nickel Plating available, Passivated, Phosphating, Black Oxide, Powder Coating ...many others.