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Spring Rate & Pressure at Compressed Length

This is really quite simple. All you need to do is change a value in any of the boxes in the upper section and the boxes in the lower section will automatically display the calculated values when you click 'Calculate'.

Formula; Spring Rate =:
Modulus Of Spring Steel X Wire Diameter4
8 X Number Of Active Coils X Mean Coil Diameter3
Spring Material Option and Output Type
Number of Active Coils:
Wire Diameter:
Outside Diameter of Spring:
Free Length:
Compressed Length:
Please select the output unit required for Spring Rate:


The Force at compressed length output depends on what you select
If you have selected
 lbs/in the answer will be in pounds
N/m the answer will be in Newton's
Spring Rate:  
Force at compressed length:


!!Warning:The figures given take no account of stress levels within the spring, and so their consequent performance is only a guide!!